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Making A REAL Difference!

R.E.A.L. was initially created to address the literacy and family development needs of local children through a Youth Development Program, – which includes a tutoring after-school program and a summer day camp that helps children improve their academic and social skills in a safe and supportive environment. In our first year of
operation, we have helped over 500 Kindergarten to 8th grade children reach their academic potential.

Reaching Excellence in Achievers and Leaders (R.E.A.L.), Inc. believes that all individuals strive toward and can achieve excellence in life if they are given the opportunity and the right tools or a modicum of help. Serving the East Flatbush area of Brooklyn, NY, REAL’s mission is to create and implement services and programs that empower individuals and families that will help them overcome barriers.

Educational Site Director

Theresa received her Associates degree from Wood-Tobe Coburn School where she developed
her business skills, she graduated from Medgar Evers College and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Studies. While attending college, she studied biology and wanted to work with children in a health care setting, but life took her on a different path. She graduated college in 2014 and shortly after started working for Lyttle Kids R Us, a preschool in Flatbush Brooklyn.

During my time at Lyttle Kids ‘R’ Us, as I Teacher’s Assistant, I realized that working with children academically was what I was meant to do. I truly enjoyed my job and continued to thrive in my position. In 2016 I was offered a position at Reaching Excellence in Achievers and Leaders, Inc. as an Afterschool Counselor and as the program continued to thrive, I took on a
higher positions. Due to hard work and dedication, Theresa is the Educational Site Director in our Afterschool Program, where she allows the children to find their voice in education which is something she
truly enjoys. Watching them level up in areas that they didn’t believe would be possible is so rewarding for her.

Although she oversee the program to ensure that all runs smoothly, she still
loves working hand in hand with children, helping them to excel, and allowing them to reach deep into themselves and see the product of hard work. Life in the eyes of a child has a way of bringing light to ourselves.

Educational Site Director

Pierre Dorismond, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, his family are descendants of Haiti. He has a background of mentoring and tutoring school age children. Working with students has always been his passion as he enjoys being a role model. Mr. Dorismond says, “Leading our youth in the right direction with positive reinforcement is my goal.”

Pierre Dorismond, joined Reaching Excellence in Achievers & Leaders, Inc. in 2016 as an Afterschool Counselor, He is has proven to be an attentive School Age Program Professional offering years of experience managing for up to 45 children. He is a positive role model focused on supporting development and teaching new skills.

Due to his ambition and continuous growth, Pierre is now the Educational Site Manager of our Afterschool Program. Pierre has his Associates Degree from University of Arizona Global Campus and he is certified in first aid and CPR with dedication in creating safe, inclusive and
engaging learning environment for all children.

Program Manager

Lanyia Lyttle, is the Program Manager at our Reaching Excellence in Achievers &
Leaders, Inc. Summer Camp and Afterschool Program.

Ms. Lyttle is a career educator who brings to our organization 6 years of continuous professional experience and expertise at multiple levels in the field. She most recently served as Lead Counselor with Reaching Excellence in Achievers & Leaders, Inc. Afterschool Program, she tutored children in Elementary and Intermediate levels in
both public and New York City Charter schools. Before joining us Lanyia held a Lead teacher position at Lyttle Kids R Us, Inc. in their Infants-to-Pre K program in Brooklyn, New York where she ran all aspects of the preschool program. She is
detailed oriented and knowledgably of all aspects of child safety requirements and up to date first aid protocol.

Ms. Lyttle attended Morgan State University to pursue a degree in early childhood education and
an endorsement of literacy in the classroom for grades K-12, and I recently transferred to Capella
University to continue earning her degree in elementary education.
In her free time, Ms. Lyttle enjoys baking, traveling, and enjoying outings with my friends and